World Snooker Championship 2007 Review

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If you really need to play snooker at home and you don't have a table, then this is the game to buy.


For anyone determined to banish the January blues with digital cue sports, the latest instalment in Sega’s beloved series is unquestionably the Stephen Hendry of snooker sims.

Allowing players to try their hand at billiards and pool as well as snooker, where WSC2007 excels is its convincing sense of control; like EA’s Tiger Woods games, striking the white uses a combination of both the controllers’ thumbsticks, with one allowing you aim and the other dictating the power of your shot, depending on how hard you flick the stick. Advanced techniques such as jumping the ball and swerve can also be added by simple presses on the face buttons, and a series of tutorial modes and ghostly assistance lines are also on hand to help you master tricks and predict where the white will end up after a risky long distance shot.

But while WSC2007 is the leader in its field, it’s never quite as thrilling as faster-paced sports sims that allow you to take control of superhuman, spam-headed footballers or rugby players, and the experience is tempered with the nagging sense that it would be more fun to spend a few hours in a smoky club, improving your game and drinking the bar dry.