World Snooker Championship 2005 Review

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Felt-ripping fun without the need to fit a 12'x6' table in your living room.


Needless to say this is no Grand Theft Auto, but if you’re as Snooker Loopy as Cockney crooners Chas and Dave there’s no finer recreation of every insomniac’s favourite sport. Take on Ronnie O’Sullivan, Steve Davis, Paul Hunter, or over 100 other impressively rendered pros in an exhibition match, or put yourself in the game using the so-bad-it’s-hilarious create-a-player facility and work your way around The Tour, trying to become world champion.

Opponent AI is frustratingly perfect – while you struggle to make simple pots, computer players rack up 100+ breaks with ease – but the extra modes such as pool and billiards are engaging enough to make WSC’s flaws forgivable. Chas and Dave’s crimes against music are quite another matter.