World Snooker Challenge 2005 Review

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Tournaments and trick shots... a joy to play.


Although you might expect the PSP’s first snooker sim to look dull beside the physical thrills of NBA Street or Virtua Tennis, World Championship Snooker 2005 is the most realistic sports game on Sony’s gaming gadget and an absolute joy to play.

Unlike other simulations based on the sport, the snooker balls in WCS look realistic, shiny and smooth, the slick graphics brought to life by dazzling physics that make the balls behave in a realistic and predictable way when struck. WCS is also wildly enjoyable as it gives you several different ways to play the game – including an ingenious method where you can flick the PSP’s analogue controller to determine how hard you hit the ball – and there are plenty of tournaments, trick shots and wireless multiplayer to keep you glued to the table for weeks.