World Championship Poker:
All In Review

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You've gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...


Given the explosion of gambling internet sites – and the dizzying range of free card games available on just about every digital format known to man – what could be more pointless than a casino simulator on the Xbox 360? But as WCP: All In is also one of the worst gambling games to ever trouble a console, it’s a definite frontrunner for the single most pointless release of 2007.

While anyone devoted to gambling games could forgive the game’s shoddy presentation and lacklustre graphics, the intelligence of the computer-controlled card sharks – surely the most important part of any digital card game – is achingly predictable, making it a cinch to take down opponents if you’re aggressive with your betting when holding a good hand. The randomisation of hands also seems questionable and becomes an issue when playing the game for long periods, and the futile minigames where you attempt to bluff other players or read their expressions bring absolutely nothing to the experience except frustration.

Online, WCP: All In should fare better as it allows players to shun the dumbass computer and play against some real human talent. However, as only a handful of players ever seem to be signed up for the game over the ’net, it makes the whole sorry business of releasing this package in the first place a puzzling travesty.