WipEout Pure Review

Image for WipEout Pure

Sony have distilled all that was great from previous incarnations of this racing game.


After a string of disappointing sequels that alienated many hard core fans, it looked like it could be game over for WipEout. But in adopting a back-to-basics approach and distilling the series’ best features into a single package, Sony has created the PSP’s killer app and one of the best futuristic racers on any console.

Ditching the wide tracks and excessive focus on weapons that marred 2002’s WipEout Fusion, Pure sees a return to the slender roller coaster courses and streamlined action of the original game, also introducing a new system where energy can absorbed from unwanted weapons rather than driving through pit lanes, making the races more pacy and fluid than ever before.

Pure’s slick presentation and striking vision of the future – all glowing neon and twinkling lights, natch – help make this one of the best looking games on Sony’s portable powerhouse, but it’s action so fast it could make your eyes bleed that will have most PSP owners parting with their cash.