The Warriors Review

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Walter Hill's neon, neo-gladiatorial epic comes to life as a kick-ass brawler.


In a resurrection of almost biblical ambition, Rockstar Games – the crackpots behind Grand Theft Auto – is simultaneously hoping to breathe life into the extinct arcade brawling genre typified by early ’90s button-basher Streets Of Rage, and Walter Hill’s neon-tinged 1979 gang warfare flick, The Warriors. Amazingly, the game just about manages it.

Unlike classic brawlers that only offered players a limited range of moves, The Warriors boasts a deep and complex combat system where each of the camp bruisers has an arsenal of unique attacks that can be used to cripple rivals, and a nifty group-fighting system that allows you to bark orders at fellow hoodlums and work together as a pack.

In a nod to GTA, the riotous action is punctuated by special missions where you can tag walls, loot stores and rumble with Coney Island’s boys in blue, making for a varied, violent and wildly enjoyable romp, even if the sappy heroes still look like rejects from the Village People.