Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising Review

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Unleash hell!


Relic's standalone sequel to RTS hit Dawn of War II has landed with a resounding thud and brings with it more of the same awesome close-quarters carnage that you've come to know and love. Those looking forward to harvesting resources, building weapons factories and generally poncing around at your leisure need not apply. Like its immediate predecessor, this dark, gritty squad-focused strategy game does away with the usual RTS admin and instead will pick you up, slam you down into the filthy sodden earth and stomp on your neck until you beg the Gods of Chaos for forgiveness.

The game builds on the success of Dawn of War II and adds in those repellent but all-powerful Chaos Space Marines, who are bent on harvesting your soul and sending an entire star system screaming into the Warp. And while the single-player campaign is a tad on the short side, what's on offer is more than worth the price of admission. The level cap for your heroes has shot up to 30, new units are available for all of the races including the slimy Tyranids and the snot-green Orks, and you'll even be able to annihilate online foes via the game's seven hot new multiplayer maps. An arsenal of new wargear also awaits your discover, many of the most powerful items requiring your stalwart, Emperor-fearing squad to slide down a slippery slope, dicing with the taint of Chaos in order to maximise their combat potential.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Chaos Rising's strongest hand is played in its excellent story and narrative. Will you be blubbing like a kid with a skinned elbow when your do-gooder Space Marines bend to the Dark Side? Or will you be cackling like a banshee as you tool your enemies using your new Chaos powers? Either way, you don't want miss out on the ride.