Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Review

Image for Wanted: Weapons Of Fate

You’ll feel as if you’ve seen it all before


Like the movie that inspired it, Weapons Of Fate works hard to create a gun blazin’, bullet bendin’, bollock stabbin’ adventure that’s the gaming equivalent of a night on amphetamines and double espressos while moshing to 1980s speed metal. Sadly, though, as this Wanted spin-off sticks with the clichés and set pieces that helped make rival titles modern classics, you’ll feel as if you’ve seen it all before.

From the creative use of cover made famous by Gears Of War to the slow motion gunplay introduced by Max Payne – via Metal Gear Solid’s human shields, Stranglehold’s martial arts styled gunplay and Splinter Cell’s sneaking – almost every element of Weapons Of Fate feels stale and uninspired. And while the film’s bullet bending shenanigans are an important part of the game, the system used to shoot around corners is awkward, takes patience to master, and ends up being more of a frustration than an innovation.

Worst of all, while the game screams for head-to-head shootouts, there’s no multiplayer option to add longevity to the action, making this a game that may thrill casual gamers, but an experience that will be all-too-familiar to discerning console geeks.