Virtua Tennis: World Tour Review

Image for Virtua Tennis: World Tour

Great for the long haul, and the quickfire mini-games are hilarious.


Featuring the world’s best players (and Tim Henman), Virtua Tennis is sure to sell bucket-loads on the strength of its sporting stars alone. But aside from the opportunity to get your hands on Maria Sharapova without being slapped with a restraining order, World Tour is still one of the best sports sims money can buy.

As with the home console editions, Virtua Tennis’ biggest strength is its simplicity; all lobs, slices and smashes are unleashed using only three buttons, a gloriously easy system that allows players to master their game and pull off spectacular moves without getting bogged-down in a confusing tangle of buttons.

Aside from its wireless multiplayer, Virtua Tennis is also essential as the slick action is perfectly suited to gaming on the go, giving you the option to play through entire championships if you’re stuck on a long-haul flight, or simply fire up your PSP for a quick blast on the hilarious mini-games when your bus is stuck in traffic.