Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Review

Image for Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Nothing new here but better graphics.


While there’s no denying the power or potential of Sony’s new console, it’s frustrating to see so many launch games sticking doggedly with tried-and-tested formulas, offering nothing new except sharper, more vibrant graphics. And in a library that’s reluctant to take risks, Untold Legends is the worst offender.

A monotonous hack-and-slash fantasy adventure, Untold Legends is exactly the same as any other dungeon-crawler you’ve played over the last decade; choose a hero, fight monsters and earn the experience points you need to evolve your fighter from wide-eyed weakling into fearsome demon slayer. But while there’s a certain joy in earning the resources to beef-up your avatar, the repetitive, button-bashing combat, linear storyline and offensively-simple puzzles aren’t enough to keep you gripped to this overly familiar swashbuckler.

Excruciating loading times, lifeless environments you can’t interact with and a camera that often gets snagged on the environments also conspire to make Untold Legends one of the worst games on the PS3, and a title that would have been just as much fun on a vintage 16-bit console.