True Crime: Streets Of L.A. Review

Image for True Crime: Streets Of L.A.


Although Los Angeles has been the backdrop for some of cinema’s best comedies, action flicks and bouts of David Lynch weirdness, it is crime thrillers such as Pulp Fiction and L. A. Confidential that have felt most at home in the city of angels — a fact not lost on the developers of True Crime.

Taking control of a trigger-happy ex-cop, players have complete freedom to explore 300 square miles of beautifully re-created LA — either on foot or by commandeering a range of vehicles — as they attempt to bust crime syndicates and clean up the streets. With the voice talents of Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Michael Madsen and other actors known for their roles in cinematic crime capers, plus a plot that changes direction depending on your actions, True Crime is the closest a video game has ever come to being an interactive movie.

However, the fact that you’re playing a good guy rather than a mobster means you have to observe the law and be responsible for your actions, meaning that True Crime isn’t nearly as much fun as its closest rival, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.