Tron: Evolution Review

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Propaganda Games give us a clu


As it’s a colourful, action-packed tale based inside a computer, the developers of Tron: Evolution were gifted with the perfect backdrop for a thrilling videogame to celebrate the franchise’s return to cinema screens. Unfortunately, the people behind Evolution took the easy way out…

A shameless riff on the Prince Of Persia games, Tron: Evolution is a clichéd platform romp where players use nimble acrobatics to explore the levels – running along walls, scrambling up vertical surfaces, and using a grappling hook to swing through the shimmering streets. But while the platforming action is fluid and graceful, every challenge you face along the way is insipid and ordinary, made worse by imprecise controls that are at odds with the acrobatic action, and a twitchy in-game camera that often undermines your stunts and means you have to use trial-and-error to pass certain sequences.

To add a unique Tron flavour, the platform-hopping is punctuated by occasional blasts of disc combat, lightcycle racing and tank skirmishes, all set in a stylish, neon-bathed Tron world that will make fans of the Disney movies feel immediately at home. However, while the tank and lightcycle sections capture the speed and thrills of the movies, twitchy controls that exaggerate every move are a huge source of frustration, forcing you to battle with the controls and find ways to compensate for their fidgety fussiness.