Tron 2.0 Review

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Retains the visual style and naive charm that made the movie a cult classic


While many movie-based games look like clumsy imitations of their source material, Tron 2.0 has the advantage of being inspired by a film made in 1982. It retains the visual style and naive charm that made Steven Lisberger’s movie a cult classic. Co-developed by Syd Mead, concept designer on the film, the game expertly updates Tron’s look, complete with thrilling light cycle battles and the eerie neon glow that characterised the movie’s digital world.

Tron 2.0 also reunites the voice talents of Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan — Alan Bradley and Lora in the movie. An engaging mixture of shooting, racing and puzzle-solving, it’s one of those rare games that does justice to the movie that spawned it and feels more like a genuine sequel than a tenuous spin-off.