Transformers: War For Cybertron Review

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Rousing robotics?


After the pixel-based abominations Transformers: The Game and Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen, Hasbro’s three-decade old fiddly toys have been granted another shot at successfully crossing over to the current generation of consoles. Enter Bourne Conspiracy developers, High Moon Studios, to have a crack at emulating the success of the now benchmark PS2 cracker, Transformers: Armada.

For all its gameplay cribbing (Team Fortress, Gears Of War and a dash of Halo), War For Cybertron is a step in the right direction for the license and without doubt the best attempt by any developer at capturing the spirit of the series on current-gen tech. Thrusting you into a prequel-based fable, which spoon-feeds the untold story of the civil war that shred the Autobot and Decepticon home planet before their arrival on earthly soil, the game features two intertwining campaigns for you to traverse either solo or in surprisingly good co-op. The game stirs in plenty of geek moments, including lines from the 1986 flick, gargantuan boss battles, stellar cut scenes and a vibrant set of multiplayer modes, the best of which is Escalation - High Moon’s riff on Epic’s Horde mode. It may not be a tentpole title but War For Cybertron is, at the very least, worth your weekend.