Transformers: The Game Review

Image for Transformers: The Game

For fans of these versatile robot guys this will thrill and delight.


Amongst the blitzkrieg of merchandise heralding the arrival of the new Transformers movie, it’s no surprise to see a spin-off game on every lucrative format. However, how you feel about this mechanised mash up will completely depend on your level of robot obsession.

For Tranformers aficionados the adventure is irresistible, offering huge levels where every building can be demolished, trees are easily uprooted and used as weapons, and there’s acres of space to master your robot’s car or airborne forms. The opportunity to play as the Autobots or Decepticons also makes this a fanboy’s dream, and the robots – modelled gear-for-gear on ILM’s movie machines – look stunning and convey the size and weight of the film’s chunky protagonists.

Casual players will probably want to drop a star from the score below as the game simply blends the familiar carnage of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and sprawling levels of GTA, yet lacks the variety of challenges found in other mission-based escapades. But if you just want to control Optimus Prime and fuck shit up, this devastating smashathon will let you live out all your destructive fantasties.