Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix Review

Image for Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix

More great skate action from the chairman of the 'board.


On the home consoles, Activision’s outrageous Tony Hawk games have hooked millions of players with their sublimely simple controls and ferociously addictive action. But despite having to scale the chairman of the ’board’s latest skateboarding smash onto the diminutive PSP, the developers have retained all the features, colour and personality that made Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 an international hit.

The biggest change in this portable edition is the inclusion of four new levels – Kyoto, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Santa Cruz – and some minor tweaks to the levels first seen in THUG2. But in terms of graphics, control and suicidal action, Remix is every bit as thrilling as its PS2 cousin and a perfect introduction for anyone who hasn’t already been charmed by Tony’s gnarly stunts.