Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

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It'll Rain-blow your mind...


As it’s still one of the best multiplayer games on the shelves, hopes were high for this follow-up to 2006’s dazzling Rainbow Six: Vegas. And while it’s no surprise that the sequel polishes everything that was great about the original, the real treat is how hard the developers have worked to perfect their explosive treasure.

While the team-based fireworks will be familiar to fans, this time the character development has been cranked up a notch as players earn experience points for both on and offline antics, allowing gamers to evolve unique characters and become more attached to their plucky avatar. A snazzy new thermal radar that reveals nearby gunslingers, but not whose side they’re on, also adds a new tension to online battles, while retooled co-operative missions and a new sprint button also help refine the experience.

By contrast, the single-player mode feels a little stiff and takes a while to get going, especially when compared to the fun you can have with other human players. But solo action isn’t what Rainbow Six fans want – and for strategic multiplayer team gunplay, Vegas 2 is essential.