TOCA Race Driver 2 Review

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Wide variety and buckets of personality, though controls take a lot to master.


With at least six gear-grinders available at launch, the PSP has quickly become the console of choice for petrol-heads on the move. But while WipEout offers intense arcade thrills and Colin McRae delivers realistic racing action, TOCA just doesn’t cut it.

In terms of variety the game is exceptional, with a wide selection of options that offer everything from the long-term challenge of a career mode to the quick thrills of single, arcade-style dashes. TOCA also oozes with personality, your burgeoning track career guided by a gruff Scottish manager who’ll scold you mercilessly for any mistakes you make on the track, and the aggressive intelligence of the computer-controlled drivers makes for some tense moments as you try to pass them on the long straights.

But with a pedestrian pace that rarely conveys the ludicrous speeds your motors can achieve, and frustratingly twitchy controls that can take an age to master, TOCA doesn’t have the dizzying sense of excitement of other PSP speed fests.