Thor: God of Thunder Review

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God of blunder, more like


With a whole swathe of monsters to pluck from Norse mythology, along with a huge comic universe to explore, Thor: God of Thunder could have been a deliciously colourful action-fuelled rampage to rival even God of War. Yet, Thor is so thunderously lazy it goes beyond routine into a new level of monotony, rarely proving any of its so-called superness as you find yourself battling the same minions and creatures level after level after level.

Mjolnir gets the short shrift; the mighty hammer bogged down by a combat system that frustrates, refusing to ignite action. Combos are long-winded and convoluted, not helped by a control setup that borders on lunacy – you’ll find multiple manoeuvres mapped to one button. Eventually pulling off a devastating attack is a matter of fluke and combos are often slow and ineffectual. It’s an effect that bottlenecks players into a routine of monotonous attacks, diminishing any sense of strategy.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston reprise their roles as Thor and Loki respectively but each feel like their phoning in their performances from another world. Their in-game avatars fair no better; Thor resembles a putty-faced blob with a rigid gold helmet dripped over his head like hot wax.

Thor: God of Thunder had all the components for a perfect entry into the action genre. However, with a lack of polish and a combat system that’s simply broken, all that’s left is a half-baked attempt in a genre where Thor should have proved god-like.

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