Taito Legends Review

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Retro package in all its blocky glory


When Peter De Vries said that 'nostalgia isn’t what it used to be', he may as well have been talking about this bulging retro package…

While Taito has been content to churn out updated versions of its evergreen franchises in recent years, Legends is a chance for seasoned gamers to reacquaint themselves with classics from the early '80s including Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, The New Zealand Story, Elevator Action and Operation Wolf.

Each of the 29 games are perfect recreations of the blocky originals, and there's certainly no doubting Bubble Bobble's influence on every candy-coloured puzzler since 1986, or that Space Invaders single-handedly seduced a generation with the hypnotic thrills of video gaming.

But, after a few minutes playing each game, all but the most hardened retro freak will be yearning for the freedom of GTA, the epic sweep of Zelda or the slick design of Halo, and the absence of genuine Taito classics Chase HQ and Arkanoid means Legends is an interesting history lesson but incomplete (and somewhat pricey) one.