SWAT: Global Strike Team Review

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Sit back, relax, and open up a can of whupass.


Not directly tied into the Colin Farrell film (this is a global SWAT team, not some unambitious
Los Angeles operation), this nevertheless puts you in the same type of hostage-saving, criminal-trapping situations.

The controls are surprisingly simple, as you take charge of other members of your SWAT team — generally ordering them into situations far too dangerous to venture yourself — via a few taps of the control pad (though there is also a multi-player co-operative mode). The tactical missions are more suited to those who prefer Splinter Cell-type stealth than those with a rampant blood lust (which probably explains Remote Control’s poor performance), though if you’re prepared to lose points, feel free to pick off innocents.

There’s also great fun to be had with the addition of a headset, which lets you scream at crooks to surrender, but could lead to committal if the neighbours hear your insane rants.