SWAT 4 Review

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Brains supplant brawn in this tactical and engrossing FPS


Unlike the countless other FPS games on the market, SWAT 4 is a refreshingly cerebral alternative that places the emphasis on tactics and caution over gung-ho heroics.

On the front lines of modern law enforcement, you must lead your team of five into hostile situations where civilians need protecting and criminals need a stern talking to. Because, far from the frantic firefights of its contemporaries, SWAT is a game that rewards restraint. While you can gun down terrorists with extreme prejudice and take their earlobes home as trophies, the game bestows greater rewards for subduing suspects for a timely arrest and keeping the bodycount to a minimum.

The command interface has been significantly improved since SWAT 3, allowing you to command your squad with greater ease, and helmet cams allow orders to be issued remotely as your officers sweep adjacent rooms. The gameplay remains largely unaltered, but the adrenaline rush as you breach and clear a high risk environment is still as close as you'll get to life on the force without taking a round in the chest.