Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

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More Goomba-stomping joy


While there’s nothing quite like lining up the perfect headshot in Modern Warfare 2 or single-handedly slaughtering a rival gang in Grand Theft Auto, sometimes it’s the simple things in gaming life that are the most satisfying. And in shirking shocks and ultraviolence for unparalled charm, creativity and variety, Nintendo has delivered one of Mario’s greatest adventures to date, and a killer title no Wii owner should be without.

A direct follow-up to the sublime Super Mario Galaxy, this interstellar sequel follows a similar structure to its predecessor and delivers the same star-collecting, platform-hopping, Goomba-stomping experience that seduced a new generation of Nintendo players in 2007, and helped sell thousands of Wii consoles to lapsed fanboys.

New additions this time include the opportunity to control Mario’s dinosaur buddy Yoshi, an assortment of levels that hark back to Mario’s 2D escapades, and a handful of new suits that give you fresh powers to navigate the candy-coloured worlds. But what’s most mesmerising about the game isn’t what’s new, but how slick and polished the experience is from the get-go.

From the revamped camera system that weaves you seamlessly into the action and never gets in the way of the fun, to the carefully implemented hint boxes that ensure players rarely get lost, playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an unfettered joy for both newbie and experienced Nintendo nuts, and delivers that magical ‘just one more go’ feeling that makes it impossible to put down. And with a majestic musical score and heart-melting visuals that will bewitch younger players and overwhelm oldies with a warm wave of nostalgia, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is genuinely irresistible and shows that you don’t need shocks, sex or a natty film licence to give players the ride of their lives.

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