The Suffering Review

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This ain't one for the kids.


A killer tortured by grisly nightmares. Convicts hacking each other to death with machetes. Guards being disembowelled by creatures lurking in the shadows. Death, decapitation, murder, monsters, gore, guns, guts… and a ten-foot-tall skinned demon with swords for fingernails. Nope, this ain’t one for the kids.

A thrilling blend of survival horror and intense gunplay, The Suffering sees players exploring the corridors of a maximum security prison while being menaced by creatures designed by Hollywood effects legend Stan Winston.
The game’s shocks are both physical and psychological; as well as knee-jerk reactions to the sickening violence and monstrous mutants, The Suffering also creates tension by using ghostly voices that whisper to the hero and try
to influence his actions, along with shifting shadows that hide all manner of undead monstrosities.

The unremittingly bleak atmosphere may alienate some players, but this is the scariest horror game since Resident Evil first loosened bowels.