Stuntman: Ignition Review

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Cunning stunts


In this sequel-obsessed age, it’s unusual to see a successful licence lying dormant for more than a month, never mind half a decade. But while it’s been five years since petrol-heads were first let loose in Stuntman’s movie-inspired dashes, Ignition deftly rectifies the problems that made the first game a chore to play.

While the original suffered from tedious loading times and a bewildering structure that saw movie moguls cutting the cameras if you didn’t follow the director’s instructions to the letter, Ignition adopts a friendlier approach where players accumulate points as they burn through the film sets, allowing you to move to the next stage even if you don’t pull off every stunt.

The lively levels - each aping a Hollywood movie, including a disaster flick and 70s cop caper - also distinguish Ignition from the million-or-so other racers battling for your cash, and the game’s stunt-based challenges will give seasoned racers a chance to use their digital driving skills in a different way, rather than simply scrambling for the finish line.

Confusing multiplayer modes and a tendency for different vehicles to handle the same undermine an otherwise compelling racer, but Ignition is still a title that would make Colt Seavers proud.