Starsky & Hutch Review

Image for Starsky & Hutch

Put your cardy on.


All credit to the people behind Starsky & Hutch for embracing their cheesy ’70s TV roots and running with it, while taking an original slant on it at the same time.

As you control the big-haired duo (Starsky complete with authentic fluffy cardigan), you play through episodes instead of levels and, rather than score points, you strive for increased viewing figures. It’s a nice touch that helps distinguish it from the myriad other driving/shoot-’em ups already on the market.

Playing with a friend who can do your shooting while you concentrate on the driving is easier than controlling both with a single joypad, as the auto-targeting can sometimes lead to unwittingly slaying those you’re trying to protect. Aside from a feeling that we’ve seen much of it before, it’s as disposably entertaining as the show that inspired it.