Star Wars: Battlefront Review

Image for Star Wars: Battlefront

“Most impressive”


A Star Wars game spread across all six movies, including Episode III! Play as Rebels or Imperials! Blow the shit out of Ewoks! For fans of the saga, Battlefront is the biggest, messiest wet dream imaginable.

Inspired by EA’s groundbreaking Battlefield 1942, Battlefront lets you take part in all the famous skirmishes, from the Hoth escape to the struggle to destroy the Death Star shield generator on Endor. Unlike previous LucasArts games, you can choose to play as any of the warring factions: the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Republic Clone Army or even the Separatist Battle Droids.

All combat is staged on an epic scale, with players only a small cog in the sprawling war machine: climb to the top of a hill on Hoth, for example, and you’ll see dozens of troops duking it out below you as AT-ATs march relentlessly forward. And yes, you can commandeer any vehicle you see. Best of all, Battlefront is designed to be the mother of all multiplayer games; Xbox and PS2 owners can go online and join up to 16 mates, while PC players can wage war with over 32 other gamers. As ole’ wheezy himself would say: “Most impressive.”