Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Review

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More stealthy thrills.


When the original Splinter Cell arrived in November 2002, it introduced something that was missing from the macho espionage genre - a genuine sense of fun. And now that the stealthy thrills of this Tom Clancy console spin-off can be experienced online, Pandora Tomorrow is one of the few essential purchases to hit the shelves so far this year.

The single player adventure is just as engaging as the first Splinter Cell, this edition upping the antewith new gadgets, smarter enemies and an expanded roster of stealthy moves that the hero - brought to life by the gravelly tones of Michael Ironside - can use to explore a series of treacherous enemy bases.

But Pandora Tomorrow's biggest thrills are to be found in the multiplayer mode, where Xbox Live subscribers can meet three other friends online, split into rival teams of mercenaries and undercover agents, then try to outwit each other in a series of specially designed levels.