Soul Calibur II Review

Image for Soul Calibur II

Taking everything that was good about the original and giving it a polish.


Spelling errors aside, the first Soul Calibur game was one of the best 3-D beat-’em-ups on
any console. Unfortunately, that console was the doomed Sega Dreamcast, thus exposing it to an audience of about 14 people and a passing dog.

This multi-console follow-up takes everything that was good in the original and gives it a welcome polish, both graphically and in terms of
gameplay. Players of the first SC game may initially see it as just a revamped version of the original, but the fighting here is superb, with all manner of weapons with which to beat your opponent to a pixellated pulp and fighters who can be unlocked as you progress. There are even new characters specific to each console.

On the Xbox version we played, it was the hulking great Spawn — a million times more fun here than in his dreadful movie.