Sonic And The Secret Rings Review

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The blue streak’s finest 3D adventure to date although that's not a huge boast.


While Mario and his kitschy cohorts handled the transition from two- to three-dimensions with aplomb, none of Sega’s 3D Sonic games have ever recaptured the mercurial spirit of the fleet-footed Mega Drive classics. And while Secret Rings is cruelly flawed, it’s still a huge improvement on Sonic’s excreable Xbox 360 and PS3 outings, and the blue streak’s finest 3D adventure to date.

Ditching the traditional set-up in favour of motion controls, playing Secret Rings sees gamers tilting the Wii remote from side-to-side to steer Sonic as he sprints towards a goal, a simple system that reclaims the bewildering blend of platforming and racing that made the series famous and fixing the erratic stop-start gameplay that marred recent editions. The game’s RPG elements where you evolve Sonic’s skills also bring a fresh dimension to the gameplay, and the lush graphics are the best the Wii has to offer this side of Zelda.

Sadly, the occasionally sluggish controls and spasmodic in-game camera mean Sonic’s Wii debut is far from perfect, but Secret Rings still shows there’s plenty of life in the old hedgehog yet.