Sonic Rush Adventure Review

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The need for speed


As any console fanboy will relate in tedious detail, the move from 2D to 3D gaming finally resolved the mascot battle between Sonic and Mario, the moustachioed plumber handling the move to three-dimensions with panache while the Hedgehog’s lightning-paced adventures struggled to replicate the thrills of their Mega Drive brethren. But in returning to the flat perspective of old and refining the classic gameplay, SRA shows that Sonic is still relevant today, almost 20 years after his candy-coloured debut.

Like Sega’s classic 2D adventures, the game sees players racing across levels at eye-watering speeds, hammering monsters along the way and dismantling ever more intricate and beautifully-designed bosses. Staged on Nintendo’s dual-screen gadget, the action constantly dips between the top and bottom displays - adding extra dynamism to how you view the action - and the dramatic flips to 3D when Sonic slides down a rail or swings from a crane will make even the most cynical gamer gasp.

Using the DS’ touch screen to unleash special attacks and plot a course when travelling by boat between levels also helps to update the classic franchise, and the perfectly-pitched difficulty - which breaks you slowly into the action, before ramping-up the challenges to near-impossible levels - makes SRA Sonic’s most accomplished outing in years.