Sly Racoon Review

Image for Sly Racoon

Surprisingly engaging fluffy animal mission game.


Fluffy animals masquerading as platform action heroes are nothing new in the games market. Nor is Sly Racoon’s mission-based, gather-up-the-items gameplay a radical departure for the genre. No, its delight lies in the cel-shaded character and background graphics that persuade you that you’ve left the console world and entered into an interactive TV cartoon.

With in-game animation that’s of a higher quality than many cartoon spin-off movies, and a neat little story about a Robin Hood-style thief getting back at the villains who did in his father, Sly Racoon is wonderful to behold. It’s also thumb-numbingly addictive, with an easy learning curve, extra skill rewards at the end of each level and several trickier against-the-clock challenges for more hardened gamers.