Singularity Review

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Back in time!


Reeling in aesthetic inspiration from the likes of BioShock and Saber Interactive’s clock stopper, TimeShift, Singularity laces you up in the bloodied combat boots of US Air Force Pilot, Nate Renko. You’re quickly hurtled into a forehead-smackingly silly storyline that flits between the present day and the 1950s, situated on a mysterious island known as Katagora-12 where pesky Russians have been up to no good, conducting bizarre - wait for it – time-travelling experiments.

Naturally all hell breaks loose. You’re instantly slung into a bombastic brawl with twisted time-travelling mutants through a series of slick pulp sci-fi scenarios, wielding a nifty time manipulation device and an arsenal of gleefully destructive weaponry. Fortunately - despite the muddled storytelling - Singularity is a riot, doling out frantic bouts of wanton monster destruction as you tinker with time itself to solve puzzles, search for clues and ultimately steamroll towards one of the game’s triumvirate of endings.

Unfortunately, the painfully limited line-up of multiplayer modes adds little extra to the mix with just two campaigns - deathmatch and objective - to trundle through. Still, like High Moon Studios’ Transformers: War For Cybertron, Singularity is a shooter certainly worthy of a weekend.