We Sing Encore Review

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Wii will rock you


Although it brings nothing new to the rowdy world of console karaoke, We Sing Encore is still a fine alternative to Sony’s mighty SingStar series and a perfect way for Wii warblers to get in on the trashy action.

Although the game is played totally offline – and sadly misses out on competitive global play and downloadable content – Encore trumps SingStar by allowing four players to sing simultaneously, essentially doubling the fun and encouraging a cacophony of noise that will be the scourge of long-suffering neighbours across the land. An eclectic choice of pop songs, all the way from the Kaiser Chiefs to S Club 7, also means the game has wide appeal, while a selection of UK-exclusive tracks such as ‘Three Lions’ helps avoid the baffling Europop cuts that often sneak into singing games.

A variety of clever training sessions designed to help you improve your crooning are another useful feature that will help newbies get to grips with the action, but it’s We Sing Encore’s more forgiving approach to scoring that will grip most players, meaning that even the tone deaf will get a sense of reward from their mammoth post pub serenades.