The Simpsons: Hit And Run Review

Image for The Simpsons: Hit And Run

Possibly the first game worthy of the Simpsons' association.


Hit And Run may just be that ever-elusive creature — the good Simpsons game. Of the family’s many attempts to break the console market, none have quite managed to recreate the wit and wackiness of the TV series along with addictive gameplay.

The makers of Road Rage, the previous ‘best’ Simpsons project, have returned and basically overhauled their prior effort into a friendlier version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with less violence and bigger overbites. Controlling one of the extended Simpson cast, the player has to complete a variety of car-based missions. Where it improves on Road Rage is in the ability to get out of the car and prowl Springfield, either attacking the inhabitants (you sick, sick puppies) or spotting the many jokes from the TV series that are dotted about the place.

It’s that extra attention to detail that might make this the first game to actually be worthy of the Simpsons association.