Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review

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Relive the nightmare


After the flaccid reception for Silent Hill: Homecoming, Konami has handed the reigns of its deliciously dark horror opus to UK based developer, Climax Studios and the result is nothing short of inspired; here is a developer weaving frights, delights and ingenuity into what some thought was a defunct franchise, and all on Nintendo’s little white box.

Not just a remake, but rather a reimagining of the original ‘99 PlayStation jolter, Shattered Memories puts you in control of Harry Mason as he treks through the snow caked streets of Silent Hill in search of his daughter, Cheryl. Moulding the experience around you through a series of ingenious psyche tests, Climax not only elevates the series to new heights, but also delivers gameplay mechanics un-paralleled on the Wii.

Case in point: the games’ excellent use of the Wii Remote as a flashlight and the addition of a mobile phone - again bound to the Remote – that can be used to check voicemails, text and take photos. Bound together by a chilling storyline, excellent voice work and a look that pushes the Wii’s graphical prowess to hilt, Climax has put Silent Hill back on track, while delivering one of the finest examples of survival horror this gen.