Shrek The Third Review

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Movie tie-in for the green guy's second sequel


As Dreamworks' irrepressible ogre is guaranteed to win the hearts of every kid across the nation this summer, developing the inevitable chart-topping console spin-off was always going to be a cakewalk. But even by the notoriously shaky standards of movie tie-ins, Shrek The Third is disgraceful.

A brainless brawler that plays like God Of War for the under-10s, the adventure's bland, repetitive action challenges players to do little more than lumber from one side of each lacklustre level to the next, furiously hammering buttons along the way to grapple an relentless wave of unimaginative enemies and pulling off the occasional - and frustratingly simple - finishing attack.

But while this digit-bruising routine is reprehensible, it's the game's shocking lack of polish that offends most; the character animation often chugs to a standstill when a lot is happening on screen, the jobbing actors do a pitiful job of impersonating the film's vocal talent, and the absence of a two-player co-operative mode - the only thing that could save this juvenile romp from mediocrity - is simply unforgivable.