Shrek 2 Review

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He's big, he's green, he takes up most of the screen.


As The Cat In The Hat game was lucky to scrape one star in Empire, any console spin-off from a 'family' movie is sure to give even trhe most forgiving gamer the chills. However, while Shrek 2 isn't without it's problems, it still makes the best of it's big green licence to offer younger gamers an entertaining, imginative and challenging adventure.

Unlike the pathetic console quest inspired by the first Shrek movie, the new game allows players to take control of the eponymous ogre, Donkey and Fiona at any time and use their unique skills to solve puzzles; lard ass Shrek can throw his weight around, Donkey can headbutt obstacles and Fiona battles enemies in dazzling Bullet Time. The fourth member of Shrek's party depends on the perilous situation at hand, with the Gingerbread Man, Puss-In-Boots and other fairy tale favourites making guest appearances.

The game features a huge selection of simple challenges and mini gamesthat won't appeal to anyone over the age of ten, and the fart gags and fake voice acting - no Eddie Murphy here, sadly - are also enough to alienate older gamers. However, nippers who've been charmed by the jolly green giant's latest big screen outing will think Shrek 2 is a work of Godlike genius.