Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call Review

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A moody, atmospheric, turn-based RPG set in modern day Tokyo


Ditching the dungeons, dragons and damsels in distress that typify the clichéd RPG genre, Lucifer's Call shifts the apocalyptic action to a modern-day Tokyo overrun by demons that go berserk when the moon is full.

But aside from its contemporary setting and horrifying story, Lucifer's Call also excels in its deep, rewarding battle system.

Like genre classics Final Fantasy and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic, all the skirmishes in this moody Japanese adventure are turn-based, with players striking enemies then sitting back as their fiendish opponents take their best shot. But while the battles may feel familiar, the chance to recruit Beelzebub's bad boys rather than dispatching them adds an extra layer of strategy to the proceedings, allowing players to barter with demons, charm them or even take part in philosophical debates to expand their team of allies and conquer the mean streets.

Multiple endings that change depending on the route you take through the game, super-stylish graphics and a guest appearance by Devil May Cry's silver-haired demon-slayer, Dante, also make Lucifer's Call essential for fans of complex role-playing adventures, but anyone who'd rather murder hookers in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be turned off by the slow, cerebral action.