Serious Sam II Review

Image for Serious Sam II

What can we say? Smaller than the original - except in price.


When Serious Sam exploded onto PCs in April 2001, the game’s implausible weapons and shameless bloodletting were welcome relief from cerebral first-person shooters such as Half-Life, harking back to a time when space-age blasters were concerned with little more than giving players a monumental body-count. Sadly, though, the developers have since lost sight
of what made the original game so much fun.

Inexplicably, the levels in SSII are much smaller than in the original, the cramped worlds populated by a greatly reduced number of enemies and limiting your opportunities for mass destruction. The actual gunplay also feels less punchy than before, your alien adversaries simply falling apart and disappearing when riddled with gunfire, no matter if you’ve capped them with a pistol, sawn-off shotgun or rocket launcher.

And, if that wasn’t disappointing enough, Serious Sam II is hitting stores at a premium price, Take 2 clearly missing the fact that gamers were willing to forgive the shortcomings of the first game as they could pick it up for a little under 20 quid.