Serious Sam HD Review

Image for Serious Sam HD

Guns! Aliens! Boom!


Fans of the original PC shooter from way back in 2001, do not be afraid – the HD version of Serious Sam’s first two encounters contains no attempts to modernise the old games, seeking purely to take what once was and make it look all shiny and pretty for your next generation generation consoles.

The guns, for example, remain exactly the same – from the Ol’ Painless-style minigun to the cannonball blaster – allowing old-skool shooter aficionados another chance to blast 99 million holes into a variety of aliens with a total disregard to plot, pacing, or any of that ‘realism’ nonsense.

No more conveniently-placed waist-high cover walls for you, young man, and don’t expect your health bar to recharge all of a sudden when you take a nap behind a tree. This is utter carnage, with dozens and dozens of increasingly ludicrous enemies hurtling headlong at you as you hammer your trigger button and pray something hits.

The plot, such as it is, revolves around our man Sam “Serious” Stone – one part Bruce Willis to one part Bruce Campbell – gunning down legions of extraterrestrials in Egyptian ruins in an attempt to beat the brilliantly-named uber-Alien, ‘Mental’.

Which is exactly what this game remains, even now – utterly, utterly mental. The Citizen Kane of first person shooters it is not, but as a brainless few hours of baddie blasting, it’s still a definite treat.