Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action Review

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Movie geeks unite...


Essentially one of those dreadful DVD trivia games retooled for the console market, Scene It? is a surprisingly entertaining way for movie buffs to indulge their passion and show off their mastery of useless information.

Played using four wireless controllers that come packaged with the game - each resembling the buzzers you’d find in a traditional TV game show - Scene It? assaults contestants with over 1,800 film-based tests, including straightforward trivia questions, rounds that test memory skills, and questions based on clips from famous flicks.

Unlike the DVD versions of Scene It?, the 360 edition ‘remembers’ the questions you’ve already been asked, meaning that you’ll be able to play the game for hours before brain-ticklers inevitably begin to repeat themselves. Using the wireless controllers rather than a DVD remote also adds extra fun and energy to the proceedings and, even though the pads will be useless once you become bored of the game, it’s still the most natural way to enjoy this virtual quiz.

Sadly, the fact Scene It? isn’t playable over Xbox Live means there isn’t much life in this package, and after the Christmas party season is over and you have fewer friends at a loose end to play with, you’re unlikely to revisit the game unless new questions become downloadable over the net.