Scarface: The World Is Yours Review

Image for Scarface: The World Is Yours

Atmospheric but a decidedly average gangster game.


Taking outrageous liberties with brian De Palma’s gangster classic, The World Is Yours opens with the brutal shoot-out in Tony Montana’s mansion that brought the movie to a close, but sees the coked-up antihero escaping the carnage. And with no money, no friends and no drugs to sell, it’s up to you to rebuild his empire.

Liberally borrowing ideas from GTA and EA’s recent Godfather game, The World… is all about establishing shady businesses, with plenty of gunfights, car chases and chainsaw slayings to spice up the action. But while the game does a fine job of capturing the spirit of the movie, it feels much like every other crime caper on the shelves, and in terms of pure, gleeful fun isn’t a massive step-up from 2002’s Scarface-inspired GTA: Vice City.