Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy Review

Image for Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Bourne again on your console...


Lacking Matt Damon’s likeness for Jason Bourne’s console debut, the publishers have gone to extraordinary lengths to tell players that this is only the first entry in a console franchise, and that their polygonal hero will become as important to the Bourne mythos as Damon’s mug. However, if this series is going to have legs, the developers will need to work a little harder to capture the furious thrills of the breakneck Hollywood outings.

In an attempt to mirror the blockbuster action, the game allows players to quickly switch between hand-to-hand combat, intense gunplay and hitting the road in a series of high-speed car chases. However, while Bourne’s cinematic battles are invariably fast and fluid, the game’s simplistic fisticuffs lack the speed and energy of the films, and the shootouts are easier if you take cowardly pot-shots from behind cover, stalling Bourne’s traditional roller coaster of violence. Sadly, the driving sequences also fail to convey a convincing sense of speed, making The Bourne Conspiracy a game that has everything in the right place, but needs some tweaks to give fans the experience they crave.