Rise Of The Argonauts Review

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A (less-than-golden) fleece


In a world of half-cocked movie spin-offs, it's refreshing to find a game that pays homage to Greek mythology, rather than the hackneyed morality tales peddled by Disney, Dreamworks and the like. What next - a Paradise Lost RPG? A Roman poets beat 'em up? Who knows? Only one thing's for sure - this Argonautica-inspired quest is contemptible pap.

It's hard to figure out what's most offensive about this cheap'n'nasty action adventure. Perhaps it's the hero's pumped-up companions, who look more like half-melted WWE action figures than mythological warriors. Or maybe it's the painfully tedious role-playing sections, where the action is brought to a standstill as you spend hours chatting to computer-controlled characters about absolutely nothing. However, what's most likely to drive players into a fit of console-smashing rage is the utter mindlessness of the action, Rise Of The Argonauts' repetitive hack and slash combat, pointless character development and predictable battles making the game a chore from beginning to bitter, bitter end.