Ridge Racer Review

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All the classic tracks compiled into one perfect package.


A demonic arcade racer that’s all about screeching around impossible bends without touching the brakes, Ridge Racer is the most fun you can have with a PSP.

In terms of presentation the game is flawless, featuring many of the best tracks from the long-running series – including a few only seen in the arcades – each packed with the dramatic set-pieces that made Ridge Racer a classic, from jumbo jets swooping low overhead to sumptuous sunsets that bathe the courses in a soft, iridescent glow.

To round-off this perfect package, the high-octane dashes are more outrageous than ever as you can earn powerful speed boosts by skidding around long corners, a concept that may horrify fans of realistic driving sims such as Gran Turismo but will delight anyone looking for a gripping, heart-pumping racer.