Ridge Racer 6 Review

Image for Ridge Racer 6

The perfect racing game for the 360 is yet to arrive


After last year’s glorious PSP version, hopes were high for Ridge Racer’s debut on Microsoft’s new box of tricks. Sadly, Namco’s latest speed-fest can’t touch its portable predecessor. Like previous incarnations, Ridge Racer 6 sees players screeching around impossible bends without ever touching the brakes, the game ditching all sense of reality in favour of intense arcade thrills.

However, while the PSP game boasted a terrifying sense of speed and sublime handling, the 360 version feels unwieldy and sluggish, the backgrounds slipping lazily past as you try to master the perfect turn. A lack of licensed cars and disturbingly shoddy graphics also let the side down, meaning the new Xbox still lacks the killer racing game for which early adopters are gagging.