Resistance: Fall Of Man Review

Image for Resistance: Fall Of Man

The most exciting of the PS3 debut line-up.


Well, here it is – the PS3’s killer app, the game we’ve all been waiting for, the only title that really stands out in the console’s underwhelming launch library. But while Resistance may feel more generic than slavering Sony fanboys had expected, this clever, beautifully-constructed shooter is still a thrilling ride.

Taking few risks with the conventional first-person formula and opting for Halo-style, balls-out blasting - rather than the slow, deliberate pace of a game like Rainbow Six - Resistance excels by following genre conventions exceedingly well; the weapons, for instance, are flamboyant, punchy and satisfying, and while the enemies aren’t quite as smart as the tricksters in Gears Of War, they’re still clever enough to use cover and flanking techniques to give you a run for your money.

But while the single-player adventure is a blast, it’s the online multiplayer mode that marks Resistance out from the crowd, offering everything from intimate shootouts where eight players can slug it out, to epic skirmishes where up to 40 players can hit the battlefield and paint it red.