Resistance 2 Review

Image for Resistance 2


Resistance has always felt out of sync with the velocious console world. Debuting as a PS3 launch title 12 months after the Xbox 360 hit retail, the original Fall Of Man looked creaky beside the second wave of software on Microsoft’s next-gen rival, making Sony’s killer app feel retro in the shadow of Gears Of War. But while the latest instalment still feels strangely old-fashioned compared to other contemporary gun toters, it’s still a rollicking adventure from first blood to end credits.

While the humdrum hero’s awkward movements and inability to use cover effectively make the game feel less accomplished than its Xbox 360 nemesis Gears Of War 2, the action in Resistance 2 is fast and fun, with pin-sharp graphics that beautifully showcase the PS3’s potential and a huge variety of badass weapons that inject a giddy sense of absurdity into the otherwise bog-standard skirmishes.

Where Resistance 2 really finds its mojo, though, is its multiplayer mode, particularly during the co-operative missions that run in parallel to the single-player story and offer a different perspective on the carnage, shifting attention from the main game’s charmless protagonist and allowing you to share the fireworks with a group of alien-baiting buddies.