Resident Evil: Dead Aim Review

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It's time to stock up on kecks again.


When Capcom first announced that all Resident Evil sequels would be developed solely for Nintendo, it failed to mention that only sequels with a number in the title would be GameCube exclusives. So while ’Cube owners get to brave the gory thrills of Resident Evil 0, PS2 players can still get their undead kicks with Dead Aim.

This spin-off from the franchise is designed for use with a light gun, allowing players to switch to a first-person view and shoot their pasty-faced tormentors on screen. Alternatively, you can use a PS2 controller. But while the shooting sequences are truly unnerving, Dead Aim fails
to capture the claustrophobic atmosphere of the traditional Resident Evil adventures,
making it feel more like a seaside shooting gallery than a Romero-quality zombie epic.